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Wednesday, June 15, 2011



I love the doll and the dresses! Can't wait to see Ella wearing her dress and carrying "Mimi Me" Ella!

victoria Anderson-throop

Your doll is lovely. Your blog reminded me of my daughter Sabrina's 3rd birthday. At the time the Amish dolls without features were popular so I thought with her active imagination it would be perfect. After midnight for weeks I sewed the doll and a wardrobe by cutting up clothes I never wear . (I am the mother of 6 children.) Her package was wrapped several days in advance and she carried it around constantly, but to my surprise she resisted the temptation to open it. When the day came, we all gathered around her in anticipation. Excitedly she tore through the paper and ribbons. She folded back the tissue that held the doll. She suddenly screamed bloody murder, threw the box strewing the garments untouched and unopened. "A witch ate her eyes," she screamed. And, now I am next." And that put a pause in my doll making tear.

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